Competition Opens

LaunchUK has opened a new competition for young people (16+) to design a nanosatellite to inform solutions to climate change.

Nanosatellite hardware components

5 November 2021

Space is for everyone. We need people just like you to enter the nanosatellite design competition and be the next generation of future space scientists. 

Entrants will compete for a substantial £600k Challenge Fund to design and build a satellite that can inform and provide solutions to support the UK’s climate change and decarbonisation efforts.

“Space technology plays a crucial role in monitoring our climate, and this competition gives the next generation a unique opportunity to design their own satellite to help tackle the most pressing issue facing our planet. The ability to launch small satellites from the UK will further support our world-leading Earth observation capabilities and create high-skilled jobs across the country.”

Ian Annett, Deputy CEO of the UK Space Agency

The competition officially opens on 5 November 2021. 

Start your entry by registering today!

LaunchUK is a partnership between the UK Space Agency and the Department for Transport, and supported by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Nanosat Design Competition is designed to inspire and engage young people about launch from the UK and to encourage engagement with STEM subjects.