LaunchUK Nanosat Design Competition

UK from the International Space Station

LaunchUK Nanosat Design Competition

9 June 2021

A competition encouraging young people (16+) to design a satellite, with a £600k prize up for grabs!

We are launching a brand new competition encouraging young people (16+) to design a satellite that can be used to inform innovative solutions to support the UK’s climate change or decarbonisation efforts.

Entrants will compete for a substantial £600k Challenge Fund where the prize funding will enable the winners to develop and manufacture their satellite design to subsequently launch from a UK spaceport.

Applications will be welcome from anyone in the UK 16 years or over, either individually or as part of a team. The competition will officially open in the Autumn 2021 and close in February 2022.

Entries must be suitable for launch from a UK spaceport and meet the necessary weight, size and licensing requirements and full details will be clearly outlined when the competition opens.

Best of luck!

LaunchUK is a partnership between the UK Space Agency and the Department for Transport, and supported by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Nanosat Design Competition is designed to inspire and engage young people about launch from the UK and to encourage engagement with STEM subjects.